August 1, 2014

Comic From As You Were #1 "House Shows"

It was making me nervous that the top post on this stupid thing was an interview with me so here's my comic from the first As You Were Compilation about house shows. For some reason I tried doing the lettering upper and lower case and it looks weird. Also should've added grays and stuff, but I was probably late already so there you go! It's still available from Silver Sprocket so go pick one up to see a bunch of other really great stuff.

July 29, 2014

I'm Famous
I was interviewed as part of the new As You Were punk comics compilation that I was a part of. Go here to read my ridiculous self talk about stuff I have no business talking about:
And then go here and buy it:

January 23, 2013

White & Lazy

Hi there. So even though these comics are a couple years old they are, in fact, new to the internet! At least the ones from 2010 are. I've been retroactively adding posts from my various sketchbooks all the while drawing new ones as well. I know, I'm a dynamo. I like keeping a little distance between what I'm drawing and the actual events in case anyone gets mad. So be patient and I'll try and make this a more regular thing. Thanks!

December 31, 2010

2010 Dump

This is pretty much the last of the Frowning comics. It was shortly after these that I pretty much quit for whatever reason. (UPDATE - actually it's not. Turns out I have a whole other sketch book full of stuff, will post soon woops!) Looking back at these is super weird. My life has changed so much since these were done. Gonna try and get back into it.



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